Pet Areas

Synthetic grass from Virtual Lawn is perfect for pet runs, backyards, pet resorts, and doggy day care facilities. Want the ideal ground covering for your pet area? Synthetic grass from Virtual Lawn is the answer. Our artificial turf is cooler in direct sunlight and the summer months making it a more comfortable place for your pet to play. We pride ourselves as having the artificial grass which looks most like like natural grass. You and your pet will not be able to tell if it is real or not!

Pet areas with synthetic grass are fantastic for dogs. Your dog is an important part of the family and if they are the type that loves to go outside and play you need to consider an artificial grass pet run from Virtual Lawn. Our synthetic grass is used in dog parks, kennels and numerous backyard play areas. With a synthetic lawn you never have to worry about your dog getting dirty or hurt and its extremely easy to clean, doesn’t stain and is safe and comfortable for all pets. Plus, your pup won’t be able to dig up your freshly cut lawn any longer!

Also, did you know that many dogs have allergies to a variety of natural grasses? Once Virtual Lawn installs soft, comfortable synthetic turf in your pet area, you will immediately see all the benefits it offers. It will remove the source of your dog’s allergen entirely.

We install artificial grass pet runs throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Contact us for your free in-home artificial turf pet run estimate today!

Pet Areas



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